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Are you looking for a reliable team for removals services in Manchester? Via Removals Manchester is fully equipped to make your move hassle free. Via Removals has over 20 years of practical experience in moving houses and offices. Our trained removalists can help you move your general furniture as well as more troublesome items like sofas, cupboards, fridge and gas cookers etc.

Our Removals Manchester team is fully equipped for taking care of your possession. They will help you pack your household items, transport them to your new property and finally help you put everything together, exactly the way you wanted.


Dependable & Reliable Removals Services in Manchester

Via Removals has a reputation of being dependable, deferential and reliable removal services provider in Manchester. When you book us to help you move your location, our team will stay in touch from the start to the end of your move. We will not only help you with our removals services rather our team is just a phone call away if you need any advice about the way you need to pack your stuff.

One Stop Shop When it comes to Moving Locations

Our professional movers in Manchester can do everything for you. From packing, unpacking the goods to cleaning the carpet or property. We’re a one-stop shop for all house moving services. We help households with all house moving services in Manchester. As part of Via Removals Manchester, we don’t just provide Removals Services in Manchester, rather we provide a list of services including…

Our Removals Manchester Fleet

Our large fleet of modern, fully-equipped trucks, vans and lorries keeps us ahead of our competitors. It is very important that when using a removal services in Manchester you choose a removals company who can transport your goods in as less trips as possible. This is only possible if the removalists have large vehicles in their fleet.

Via Removals’ vehicles can convey furniture from any normal 4-5 room house. Furthermore, we additionally have a huge encased reason fabricated trailers, which can be added to give additional limit. Our trailers can hold an aggregate volume of 82 cubic meters whilst a normal 3 room house is around 35-40 cubic meters.

Removals Company In Manchester – Areas we cover

Whether you are moving within Manchester or anywhere in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK, you can use Via Removals Manchester for your move.

We proudly provide house removal services in …

As well as in the UK we are also partners with international removal companies in other countries. If you are moving abroad, whether it is Dubai, Spain, France or Australia, speak to our team who will be very happy to organise your move.

Moving Home – Need TV Wall Mounting Service in Manchester

So, you’ve moved into your new house. Everything is where it supposed to be. However, one piece of equipment still wrapped up in the box but you either don’t have time to put it up on the wall or you’re scared that the whole thing might come falling down. Don’t worry this is where Via Removals TV Wall Mounting Installers come in to help. As a reliable removals company in Manchester, we have a large team of professionals including waste removalists, cleaners, carpet washers and in this case TV installers.

Via Removals Professional TV Wall Mounting Service in Manchester can help install any type of TV. Our professional TV installers can install OLED, QLED, LED, LCD, 4K and Smart TVs. If you’re looking for a reliable removals company to help you move your house and install your TV, then our TV bracket installers are the right people for you. We can wall mount any make of TV on plasterboard, wooden partition or solid brick wall. Over the years we have installed hundreds of TVs above open fireplaces and inside alcoves.

Save money and book TV installation at the same time as your house move.

Just Moved in Manchester – Need Washing Machine Installer

Moving home is not easy. All you want is move into your new home, put your feet up and relax. However, this is wishful thinking. There’re hundreds of jobs and things to organise when you move home. One of those tasks is to get the washing machine in working order. After all, you need to wash the clothes and other items which have become dirty during the move. Let us help you get up and running with your new washing machine, washer dryer or dishwasher. We can simply connect a new appliance, or if you need to, we can disconnect and even take away and recycle your old one, ensuring you stay clean and stress-free.

When our clients book us for Man and Van Service in Manchester or Removals Service in Manchester, they often book these additional services as well. One of the reasons we offer washing machine installation service at low prices is due to our vast experience in helping families move homes. Please note that our washing machine installation service in Manchester doesn’t include any plumbing work. We connect the washing machine to existing plumbing. However, we’ve registered electricians in our team who can install additional power points if needed.

Why not save money and book washing machines disconnection and reconnection at the same time as your house move?

Removal and re-installation of uPVC door and window’s glass when moving home

So you’ve booked the removals company in Manchester, but they can’t move out the sofa, as they don’t know how to remove uPVC window’s glass or temporarily remove the door to make extra room for moving your stuff. Many removals companies in Manchester do not have the expertise to remove window’s glass, wooden or uPVC doors. Via Removals Manchester has a team of removalists fully trained to deal with all the situation, whether it is to temporarily remove window’s glass or door, we can do all these things whilst helping you with your move.

If you are looking for a removals company or man with a van who can assist you with removal and re-installation of window’s glass and door, then get in touch with Via Removals Manchester. We will help you remove the window’s glass and door during your move and re-install them once you’ve moved all your stuff.

Carpet Removal & Disposal Manchester

Moving into a new home or have a property with old and smelly carpet. It doesn’t matter what is the state of your carpet, our carpet removalists will carefully remove the carpet and dispose of it safely. We provide cheapest carpet removal service in Manchester to homeowners, businesses, tenants, landlords and estate agents.

Save money and book Via Removals’ carpet removal service in Manchester.

Did you know as well as carpet removal, Via Removals and Man with a Van also provide rubbish removal, carpet washing, cleaning, furniture dismantling and assembling service? Take advantage of the competitive prices and book more than one service at a time.

Moving Home but can only Move Stuff via the Balcony?

Are you moving home in or out of Manchester? Does your house have a narrow entrance, however you do have a balcony? Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. Via Removals Manchester are experts in moving homes, our team have over 20 years experience in helping families move homes and have over 10 years experience in helping individuals and families move in and out of houses with balconies.

Our movers are fully trained in dealing with heavy goods and can lift them to any level in multi-story buildings. Save money and book your house move with Via Removals and Man with a Van Manchester.

Know Manchester

Areas & Suburbs In Manchester

Are you looking to move to Manchester? These are some of the most popular areas and neighbourhoods in Manchester.

  • Deansgate
  • Castlefield
  • Salford Quays
  • Burnage
  • Didsbury
  • Levenshulme
  • Chorlton
  • Wilmslow
  • Altrincham

Once you decided to make any of the above areas your home then get in touch with Via Removals team of expert movers to help you move into your new home.

We recommend you to visit each area to have a feel what is like to live in the area. Park somewhere safe and walk-in nearby neighbourhood. This will give you a good idea and understanding of the area you are looking to move to.

No Hassle Removals Service In Manchester

This is our motto hence, we live by that. Moving house with Via Removals Manchester is as easy as eating a piece of pie (we know it should’ve been cake .. LOL). We strongly believe in honesty, which means that you’ll only pay what you will be quoted – as a result we don’t have any Hidden Fee.

More reasons to choose our no hassle removals service.

  • Free Quotes
  • Expert Loading
  • Secure Transportation
  • Smooth Unloading

The Reasons to Choose Via Removals

  • We cover North West and Yorkshire
  • With over 20 years experience, we will make moving house or office very smooth
  • We help over 10,000 people move premises every year
  • A large fleet of trucks, lorries and vans to make the move headache free
  • Depots to store your belongings in case you need time to make the move
  • Reliable, efficient and fully insured workforce
  • No sub-contracting – From survey to the move, our staff perform all the tasks

Student Removals Manchester

You Take Care of Your Studies, We’ll Take Care of Your Move!

Moving homes is a big deal for everyone but if you’re a student and you’re moving away from your home first time then it can be a Massive Deal. The problem with student moves is that most of the time in these moves there isn’t loads of stuff to move compared with a full family house move. However, the lack of adequate transport, distance and time make hiring a removals company for student move the perfect option.

Via Removals provides the cheapest student removals services in Manchester. Whether you’re moving to or from University or simply just moving accommodation from one location to another. Our student removals experts can definitely help.

How to Save Money on a Student Move?

Here are some tips on booking & preparing for your move!

Organising any house move is a mission impossible but organising a student move is definitely a very stressful experience. Parents don’t want their son/daughter to be without something essential when they’re moving away as getting these essentials to them can be very costly. This is why it is very important and you give this quick guide a read before organising a student move.

  • Make a list of all the items student will need – when they’re away from home. Include every little thing – yes, every little thing as it is going to cost a lot of time and money if they have to buy them away from home.
  • Pack your stuff in boxes and clearly label them – this will save to a lot of time – trust us on this one honestly!
  • Be flexible with your dates – don’t leave your move to last-minute – plan ahead
  • Get in touch with Via Removals to check if a removals van is going towards your area of move – this will save you a lot of money as you will be able to transport your items in a fraction of cost compared with hiring your own van.
  • Try to find a fellow student with whom you can share the cost of the move – making it cheaper for both of you to hire a professional removals company for student move.

Universities in Greater Manchester

Did you know Greater Manchester has one of the highest population of students in Europe? According to a recent report, there are over 100,000 students in Universities across Greater Manchester. The four biggest universities are…

Popular Areas for Student Accommodation

With excellent transport links across Manchester, it is not an issue to live anywhere within Greater Manchester and travelling to the Universities. Many students choose the outskirts of Manchester for cheaper student accomodation. However, following areas are very popular when it comes to student accomodations in Manchester.

Moving to Manchester

Know these 9 fun facts about Manchester

  1. Manchester is world’s first industrial city – it was nicknamed as ‘Cottonopolis’.
  2. Manchester University professors were the pioneers of the computer we’re using today. They created the first computer which had a memory and stored programme.
  3. Who doesn’t know ‘Coronation Street’ – it world’s longest running soap. It originally started on 9th December 1960 in Manchester.
  4. World’s first passenger railway was started in Manchester in 1830. The success of this adventure paved the way for the railway revolution in the world.
  5. Manchester is the home to two of world’s most valuable sporting giants, Manchester United Football Club and Manchester City Football Club.
  6. First professional football league was also set up in Manchester.
  7. Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in Europe with over 200 spoken languages.
  8. If you’re moving to Manchester then you don’t want to miss this fact. Manchester is home to world famous ‘Curry Mile’. Here you will find over 100 South Asian and Arabian cuisine restaurants and takeaways within a half a mile range.
  9. Manchester is house to over 100,000 students from all over the world.

More than Just a House Removals Company

Here at Via Removals we understand that moving to a new place can be hard. Especially when you don’t know anyone in the area. This is the reason as one of Manchester’s best house removal company we’ve compiled together a list of few important places along with their contact details in case you need any of their services.

Moving To Manchester

Here’s the list of some of the important hospital phone numbers

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9WL

0161 276 1234

Manchester Royal Infirmary

Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9WL

0161 276 1234

North Manchester General Hospital

Delaunays Rd, Crumpsall, Manchester M8 5RB

0161 624 0420

Christie Hospital

27 Palatine Rd, Manchester M20 3JJ

0161 446 3000

Moving To Manchester

Here’s the list of some of the Manchester Police Stations phone numbers

Greater Manchester Police Headquarters

Northampton Rd, Manchester M40 5BP

0161 872 5050

Greater Manchester Police Headquarters

228 Bury New Rd, Whitefield, Manchester M45 8QN

0161 856 8229

Greater Manchester Police – Longsight Police Station

2 Grindlow St, Manchester M13 0LL

0161 856 4224

Manchester Airport Police

Domestic Approach, Manchester M90 1NN

0161 856 0250

Attractions to Visit When Visiting or Moving to Manchester

At Via Removals Manchester, we’re not only the removals experts rather our team includes passionate walkers, sports fanatics and tourists who visit town and cities across the UK. Every year, we help hundreds of families to make Manchester their home. At the same time, we provide reliable removals service in Manchester for people moving out of Manchester.

Here’s a small guide put together by our staff for the famous attractions in Manchester. They’ve visited every single one of them and would recommend them to anyone who is visiting or thinking of moving to Manchester.

  1. Castlefield – A designated “Urban Heritage Park”
  2. Museum of Science & Industry – The clue is in the name.
  3. Manchester Cathedral – Built between 1422 & 1506 this is an iconic Cathedral.
  4. National Football Museum – Home of Football history
  5. Manchester Art Gallery – It has the largest collection of art in Britain outside of London.
  6. Chinatown – This part of Manchester is home to the largest Chinese community in Britain.
  7. Heaton Park – Covering more than 600 acres, it is the largest municipal park in Europe.
  8. The University of Manchester – you haven’t seen Manchester if you haven’t visited the historical buildings of Manchester University.

Manchester City Council Emergency Numbers

Only phone one of the numbers on this page in a genuine emergency, when there is an immediate threat to health or safety.These emergency-only numbers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Social care (social services)

To report abuse, neglect, or a vulnerable person at risk:

0161 234 5001


If you have nowhere to stay at night:

0161 234 5001

If there is not an immediate risk, see how we can help with homelessness.

Civil emergency

This is our equivalent of ‘999’. Only use it to report an incident that puts people in immediate danger; such as a collapsing bridge or building, an explosion, or a severe flood:

0161 223 7222

Council Tax In Manchester

If you’re moving to Manchester or have just moved, you’ll need to register your home address with Manchester City Council.

You can find out what is the council band of your property by visit Manchester City Council’s Council Tax page.

To pay council tax or to apply for discount on council tax in Manchester visit: https://www.manchester.gov.uk/counciltax

How to choose a Removals Company in Manchester?

Our Manchester House Removals team has put together some key points to help you choose the best removals company in Manchester.

Here’s the checklist of things you should do before choosing the best house removals company in Manchester!

  • Ask for a free survey – these days many removals companies offer the option of video survey to save time and money.
  • Get several house removal quotes from reputable removals companies in Manchester.
  • Check every removal company’s customer feedback on multiple platforms.
  • Check their insurance details to make sure your items are protected during the move.
  • Finally, try to choose a Manchester-based house removals company – as they will have the knowledge of the area and its surroundings.

Good News!

Via Removals provides free video and onsite survey. We also offer very competitive house removal quotation. Our clients are always happy to refer us to their friends and family for their house move. All Via Removals’ vehicles and staff are fully insured. Finally, our Manchester House Removals team has an in-depth knowledge of Manchester City as well as Greater Manchester.

Book your house move with us.

Don’t worry – you will be in safe hands 🙂

Removals Company Manchester FAQ

Write down your requirements on a piece of paper. Make a list of items in each room. Divide the items into bulky, fragile, clothes and other items. Search on Google and choose 3 removals companies. Get a written house removals service quotation from all of them.

Yes, this is 100% true. We’re by far the most affordable removals company in Manchester. Every year we help thousands of families move their homes. Moving home in Manchester? Get a quote from Via Removals Manchester.

Yes, at Via Removals Manchester, our services range from cleaning, rubbish removal, carpeting washing, man and van, house removals to packing and unpacking service for moving house.

Yes, we offer temporary storage units across the country at over 300 locations. We’re by far the cheapest temporary storage providers in Manchester. If you need to store your goods in a temporary storage unit then get in touch with our Manchester storage units’ team.

Via Removals Manchester offers very competitive rates on moving house materials. If you’re in need of boxes, bubble wraps or any other moving material please get in touch with our team. Book your house move with us and receive free boxes to pack your goods (no. of boxes may vary according to the number of bedrooms)

We carry out moves 7 days a week. It is totally up to you when you decide to move all we can guarantee is that we will be there on the day of your move. However, in our over 20 years of experience as a removals company avoid Friday if you can. Roads are most busy on Fridays compared to any other day of the week. However, if you decide to move on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it’s not a problem, we’ll happily carry out the move for you. Unlike many removals companies in Manchester, here at Via Removals, we do not charge extra for weekend rates.

As soon as you decided the date of your move. Even though we have a large fleet of removals vans and trucks and we can carry out house move on very short notice. We always advise our clients to book in advance as this will give you to sort out and plan things better on your side. If you need any advice before your move day please do not hesitate to contact us.

It all depends on the type of move. Every house is different from the other. On average a small house move will take 4-5 hours to load, travel time plus unload time. Unloading is easier than loading and it takes a lot less time due to the fact that during loading staff are trying to fill out tiny spaces in the van. However, for unloading, you are just emptying the van. Our removals experts will advise you about the time your move will take at the time of carrying out a survey for your move. We offer both on-site as well as a video survey option. Book a video survey for your move.

Our removals service is fix priced, which means whatever we quote is what you pay. No hidden charges. However, if you prefer a fixed hourly rate then the best option is to book our man and van service in Manchester. We offer very competitive rates on our man with a van hire service in Manchester. You can book your move for as little as £20 per hour.

Yes, we always give our clients a written quotation after carrying the survey. This is to give you peace of mind that your move price will not change on the day or after the move.

No. By law, only a registered electrician is allowed to work with electrical connections and only a registered gas safe engineer is allowed to connect or disconnect gas appliances. We can help you unplug general day to day electrical appliances like microwave, fridge and freezer. If there is a stop tap near the washing machine our removals staff might be able to assist you with washing machine disconnection.

Yes, we are by far the cheapest piano removals service in Manchester. Send us the picture of your piano via email or Facebook and we will be able to give you a fixed price piano removal quotation.

Once you have accepted our quote, we will ask you for a deposit. Rest of the balance can be paid on the day of the move via cash, debit card or bank transfer. We will hand in or email you the invoice for the service you have used.

At the time of booking our removal service, our staff will explain how the insurance cover works and what is the value of your insurance and from-to date(s) and time(s) of your cover. All these details will be written in your quotation.

In our over 20 years of experience, we find the cheapest option to carry out any house move is to book a removals company. Like Via Removals Manchester, most removals companies in Manchester offer fixed priced house removal service. However, if you’re a student or have only a few items to move then hire a man with a van service in Manchester might be the cheapest option for you. We strongly advise our clients to not to move everything themselves unless they can fit everything in their car (which in most cases you can’t).

Here’s our 15 steps quick guide to help you organise your move.

  1. Book a Removals Company – you don’t have to pay the earth to move your house
  2. Declutter your Belongings – get rid of stuff you no longer need
  3. Pack as Early as Possible – very important
  4. Create an Inventory – write down everything room by room
  5. Start Packing Least Used Rooms – it will make the whole packing process easier
  6. Arrange your utilities early – insurance, water, gas, electricity, broadband, tv & phone lines
  7. Use Quality Materials – don’t just use any packing material use proper packing material made for moving houses
  8. Label Properly – label every box, this is very important
  9. Keep Cupboard Doors Open – this is to make sure you don’t leave anything back
  10. Pack a Survival Box – put all your most important belongings in a separate box(es)
  11. Take Photos – this will give you the ability to track your goods
  12. Visit your New Area – familiarise yourself with the area you are moving to
  13. Update your Address – council, utility providers, employers, bank, insurance etc.
  14. Check Council Tax Band – visit your local council website
  15. Register to Vote – via https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Via Removals Manchester Charges