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If you are looking for an efficient removals service, you have come to the right place. With a wealth of experience in the trade, you can rely on our highly trained professionals at Via Removals & Storage Ltd to do a quality job for a very affordable price. With us you can be at ease knowing that we will remove all your goods carefully and store them for you if need be in a safe and secure storage location.

Get in touch with us for more details and read our terms and conditions below. We operate in Burnley, Blackburn, Pendle, Bradford, Skipton, Keighley, Leeds, Accrington, Preston and Bolton and are always ready to help you.


We have a full range of Insurances in place to cover all relevant aspects of our Business.

Insurance cover £20,000 for goods in transit and £1,000,000 public liability. There is an excess of £250.00 and the following items cannot be covered:

  • Money, coins, buttons, deeds, bonds, securities and the like.
  • Jewellery, watches, precious stones.
  • Furs, fine art, mobile phones, perfumery, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Livestock, explosives and flammables.
  • Consequential loss of any kind of description.

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“I have used Via Removals and Storage today, best service ever. I would recommend this firm to everyone. I am thankful to Kass for booking my job and delivering a good service” – By Mick

“We have used Via Removals today we will recommend to everyone. It’s a reliable and friendly service. We moved from flat to flat, but the staff were good and it couldn’t have been more easy move. We thank all Via Removals and Storage staff.” – By Donna & Mark

“I have used these people and they are the best. They took my window off and put it back on and also dismantled my beds and my wardrobe. We will recommend this firm to everyone. Use them and find out! They are the best, thank you very much Kass and your all team.” – By Zahid

Our Terms and Conditions

1. Our removal quote is a fixed price and does not include customs duties, inspections or other fees, unless stated ti the quotation.

We may make additional changes to your removal quotation if any of the following has occurred:

  • You do not accept our removal quotation within 30 days.
  • Parking fines (unreasonably incurred) due to caring out services on your behalf.
  • Caring out services to higher floors than agreed in writing.
  • Inadequate parking access to load and unload your belongings.

2. Excluded from our quotation (unless agreed in writing to us)

  • Dismantling or assemble any furniture
  • Disconnect or reconnect appliances
  • Take up or lay floor coverings
  • Move items from a loft
  • Undertake any work our staff are not qualified to carryout

3 Your Responsibility

  • To declare the full value of your goods being moved or stored
  • Obtain all documents for your removal to be completed
  • Authorise a signature to declare collection and delivery of your goods
  • To be present or appoint another person to be present throughout your removal
  • Empty, defrost refrigerators and freezer
  • Provide us with a delivery address and contact number

4 If using our packing service you must ensure that:

  • All furniture is dismantled ready for packing unless a dismantling service is requested and agreed upon beforehand.
  • You are present at all times during the packing process, it is your responsibility to ensure that no goods are removed or left behind in error.
  • All goods are securely placed within your home ready for the packing process so as not to cause damage, accident or injury to your goods, yourselves or Via Removals employees.
  • Certain items of clothing including shoes, hats, belts, sunglasses, jewellery, costume jewellery, handbags and other accessories should be stored in their original boxes/cases or suitable equivalent, one item per box/case before packing.
  • Any item not packed by Via Removals at your request during the packing process will not be covered by our goods in transit insurance.
  • Other than by reason of our negligence or breach of contract, we will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from failure to discharge these responsibilities.

5 Ownership of your goods

  • All goods to be moved or stored are your own property
  • You will pay us if any claim for damages is brought against us and is not true.

6 Goods excluded for removal or storage (Unless agreed in writing)

  • Explosive and flammable items, including gas bottles, paints and aerosols
  • Jewellery, deeds, precious stone, artwork & money
  • Any animals
  • Plants or anything likely to encourage vermin of pest infestation
  • Stolen goods
  • Liquid

7 Cancellation of removal

  • Less than 14 days’ notice before the removal was to start. No charge
  • Less than 10 days’ notice, we will charge you up to 30% of the removal charge
  • Less than 5 days’ notice of the removal up to 50% of the removal charge

8 Payment

  • Payment is required via cash or credit card upon delivery
  • You must not withhold any part of the agreed price
  • Where any sum of money is overdue, we will charge you interest of up to 5%
  • We do not refund deposit but you can change date or time as we charge for the waiting time

9 Transit

  • We have the right to choose our transit route for your removal work. Unless agreed in writing before hand

10 Inventory list

  • You must provide us with an inventory list within 7 days of the removal date, if you conduct your own packing

11 Right to hold your goods

  • We have the right to withhold or dispose of some of your goods until you have paid all charges for your removal
  • Where we have to had your goods you will be liable for storage charges

12 Exclusions of liability

  • All claims must be reported within 7 days after the job has been completed. Any claim made after this would be declined
  • We will not be liable for loss or damage to any of your belongings in result of a fire or explosion, unless we have been negligent or breach of our contract
  • Failure to produce the following goods, we will not be liable for loss or damage for the following goods
  • Any animals or fish, Plants or similar goods likely to cause vermin or pest infection
  • Stamps, bonds, securities or mobile phones
  • Any furs exceeding £100 or greater in value in respect of our standard liability, other than as a result of negligence or breech of our contract we will not be liable for the loss or damage to the following
  • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, civil war, racism, rebellion or military group
  • Damage arising from ironising or contamination
  • By normal wear and tear, natural or gravel, deterioration, leakage or evaporation from unstable goods.
  • Vermin, moth, insects, damp, mould or rust and Change in climate conditions
  • Goods in wardrobes, drawers or appliances, or in a bundle, carton, case or container not packed by us
  • Loss or damage to glassware, china, fragile items unless packed and unpacked by us
  • In the event or the owner packing the container and damage occurred in respect of quality of packing our liability is limited to £100 or its actual value, whichever is less
  • Electrical or mechanical derangement to any appliance, instruments, clock, or computer equipment unless there is related evidence for external damage
  • To make any claim the customer has to pay excess for the claim
  • We cover £20,000 for goods in transit and £1,000,000 public liability


** If the customer cancels the sale or he/she can’t complete the house sale on the current day, we will still charge you for our time. The original bill will be what both parties agreed to pay.


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